Game? Game! Game?

For many people, the most interesting thing happened in the past week is the game, the football games of World Cup 2006. I also found that the most interesting thing happened in the week is about games, but it is called the Game, 2008 Beijing. Well, you may think of the game as Olympics Games to be held in Beijing in year 2008. It is not neither. Instead, it is a picture called Games, 2008 Beijing.

On Monday morning, I received an email from Allan, a good friend of mine, with a picture of an oil painting as attachment. What is interesting is what the picture means. The following is the intepretation of the painting come with the email. I am afraid, if you do not speak Chinese, you may need to spend some time on it in order to understand the following.

Beijing 2008

How to read the painting? The following is a web address that you can interesting explanations of the picture. URL: 

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